28 julho 2006

It isn’t enough!

When I was listening to your voice
All the dreams came back again,
For a few moments all the dreams became true.

But it isn’t enough!
You don’t belong to me.

It’s not easy to say goodbye!
Especially because you have
The lost key to my heart.

It was always like that…
I should pray to keep the faith
But it isn’t enough!

I can’t trust you again
You choose to live a lie.
I can’t waste more time
I have to go away…

I would be here if you were!
But now, you’re so far from me.

Angels please help me find somebody
To make my dreams come true.
I have to leave you behind.
This love was always out of our control.

2 comentários:

broken.heart disse...

Belissíma letra esta com que nos brindas.
Fica bem

Nuno Bastos disse...

o melhor... **